Kali Morth

Daughter of Nyx. 20 years old. Demi god. Cabin 24 Counselor. Assassin.


Something had to be done before they were all incinerated into lovely piles of demigod ash down in these tunnels. There had to be water somewhere. There was always somewhere that held water. He shut his eyes, partly in defense against the light and partly to concentrate, searching with his mind for a store of water anywhere nearby. Poseidon was his father. This had to come with the territory. But instead of finding water somewhere even deeper below ground than they already were, he immediately came upon the many water bottles in his companion’s bags. With a strong tug from his mind he forced the water out of the bottles, caps and plastic flying everywhere. The water came spurting upwards like a geyser before he redirected it, extinguishing the fireballs with loud, satisfying hisses of steam.

The second the wall of light shot up, Kali’s teeth and claws extended. She’d had a suspicion they weren’t alone and it was growing stronger every second. The light itself didn’t frighten her— few things did— she snapped her eyes shut and continued onward, ignoring the cries of campers around her.

Once she found herself on the other side of the blinding wall she opened her eyes again and crouched down, peering into the darkness ahead of the group. Kers generally had superior senses to mortals— and she wanted to see what was coming next. When it turned out to be balls of fire hurtling towards the group, Kali had time to raise an eyebrow in amusement, Fireballs? A bit ostentatious for a monster, before she closed her eyes again and focused inward. As Annabeth started to yell for one of the others to use their powers, Kali had already used her umbrakinesis and slipped into the shadows at the sides of the tunnel.

She watched, passively, as water bottles exploded from various backpacks, spilling their contents into the air. One by one the balls of fire were extinguished. Messy, she thought, but effective. While most of the group was sprawled about the tunnel recovering she slipped out of the shadows into the pathway again— teeth and claws still extended. She arched a brow and gestured at the darkness ahead.

"Well? Shall we continue?" 

Not waiting for a response she began to walk forward once more.

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